I develop the topics specifically for your group or event. I don't use the same "talk" over and over... the Holy Spirit is my guide.

I would love to come and speak to your group or at your event.


Past events that I have spoken at include:

Girls Enrichment Ministry (G.E.M.S)

MiMi speaks to GEM's every month at public and private schools, and home gatherings. Teachings are age and issue appropriate. GEM's is volunteer driven by grade. Contact MiMi if you are interested in starting your own GEM's group or if you would like MiMi to speak to your group of girls.

Jesus Wears White Jeans

This special event was designed by the Greater Than Ministries team. MiMi can help you develop for your group and will also speak at your event.

Women's Retreats/Conferences

Usually a little longer than a normal gathering, Retreats give the attenders a longer time to listen, soak up God's Word and be ready to activate their spiritual life in a stronger way after getting recharged through a Retreat or Women's Conference. Contact MiMi as she can help you develop your schedule and speak at your event.

Church and Home Gatherings

Gathering in fellowship is great fun! MiMi can speak at your Ladies Church Luncheon or with your Bible Study Group in the privacy of your own home. God doesn't have any boundaries!

Women and Men Groups - Outback America

As an outreach of JH Ranch, Outback shares the vision of seeing communities transformed one family at a time. We are only able to do this because of men and women around the world that desire to see the same transformation. We provide the framework, content, and support necessary to those who are interested in establishing Outback in their community. The local Outback groups are characterized by the Weekly Men’s Meetings (and Women’s Meetings in certain locations) as well by the Weekend Events.

At the Weekly Meetings, you will develop practical ways to strengthen your relationship with the Lord and with others in your community. We believe that one of the keys to transformation is transparency and you will be encouraged as you hear testimonies from others in the marketplace who share what the Lord is doing in their lives.

Check out the Outback America website.


Heaven is For Real

When we found out that Todd Burpo would be coming to our city to share his family’s story, we jumped in to help. We quickly gathered over 75 of our GEM’s, bought tickets to the event and because of our participation, we were rewarded in an incredible way. After Mr. Burpo finished the main event, we had our very own private event with him. We shared the description of heaven found in Revelation 21, broke into small groups with lots of markers and very large pieces of butcher paper, and the girls drew the passage to life. I had the greatest privilege of spending the day with Todd as his escort as we went to book signings and traveled from here to there. He also was gracious and answered my daughter, Lillian’s one-million questions. I wrote all the answers in a notebook and it is one of her most prized possessions.

What did this teaching experience have for me? It wasn’t just about meeting someone famous, but in the process our group contributed more than $5,000.00 to the Community Center which was the benefactor for the event and we united various aged girls and Mom’s and shared God’s Truth about the eternal life He has for us.