Be About the Father’s Business

I want to talk today about expanding our focus area and noticing things or other people who might be in our peripheral vision. When Mary and Joseph lost Jesus, He was about 12, and when they found Him, He said, “Why are you looking for me?” I’m about my Father’s business. From the “getgo” Jesus knew what business He was about and that’s what He sought after diligently for His whole life. What are you seeking after, what am I seeking after? What are those things that distract me that I can just drop, let go, set aside for a while so I can focus on what Christ has for ME! What other people do I need to notice and let into my life? How do I speak this into my child’s life, that it’s not all about you, it’s all about God, it’s all about God’s great plan for us. It’s all about Jesus Christ as Savior. He wants to save us. There are so many out there who need to be saved. Let’s all try to be about the Father’s business and really focus and lean in to where God wants you today!