I’m busy for the rest of my life…Session 3

Religion can keep us from relationship with Christ

Religion. We get caught up in that checklist mentality of, “I have to do this, I have to do that,” and it may be all church related things that are good, but sometimes that keeps us from a real relationship with Jesus Christ. When He left, when He ascended to be with His Father, He said, “Go and tell, make disciples of all the nations.” He wanted us to share the Gospel. He did not want us to go set rules and religious practices. Yes, the church is a body of believers and it is a good place for us to be for worship and fellowship and it is very necessary. But, we have to keep in mind that our first priority is that relationship with Him which is a LOVE relationship. Go and tell others all about Him!!

If you are looking for a Christmas present for your 18-25 year old, I highly recommend a ticket to the Passion Conference held at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta Jan. 2-4, 2017. I have had the pleasure of working with Louie Giglio and the Passion Prayer Team in Houston for two years and again this coming New Year in Atlanta. My 2 teenage daughters will also be in attendance! It is the best $200 you could spend for 2-3 days with a great worship team and the most incredible christian speakers of today–Christine Caine, Louie Giglio, Levi Lusko, John Piper and Beth Moore. It is amazing to see 18-25 years old, THOUSANDS of them!!–lifting their hands in worship to the Lord, many being set free from fear, from guilt and from just not knowing that Jesus is about relationship. It’s not about religion and I am doing it good enough. He loves us no matter what. It would be a GREAT Christmas present. You can google Passion2017 or 268generation.com for tickets and information.