JWWJ — Jesus Wears White Jeans

Last April, our Girls Enrichment Ministry Team walked out God’s vision for our Mother/Daughter Conference Jesus Wears White Jeans. And yes we all wore white jeans! I have not put a resource for this conference on the website yet which is why I want to tell you about it now. If you are interested in hosting a Jesus Wears White Jeans conference for your group of moms and daughters at your church or gathering place, you can contact me on the contact page of the website. For those of you planning a Spring event, this is a good time to start praying about it.

I have found through many years of ministering to God’s teens and tweens that there is still not much opportunity out there for moms and daughters to connect in Christ not even at our churches. So, stop searching now and put on your white jeans!!

Every group of girls and moms is different, different personalities, different love needs, different preferences. But we all have this need…..We are ALL hungry for Jesus. Whether we know it or not. There is a deep longing in our souls to belong to something, to want more of something and sometimes we just can’t put our finger on it. I’ll bet you a million bucks it’s Jesus!!

At a Jesus Wears White Jeans Conference, we share dinner, great music, party pics, but most importantly, we share the Word with Mom’s and daughters in a fun atmosphere. Moms and Daughters each have their own breakout sessions, and then come together to work on a biblical worksheet made just for their needs and age level. This is something that is a landmark for both mom and daughter. To really open the bible together. To read the same verse together. To talk about what it means to them, together. That is powerful, that is the heavenly fellowship God wants us to have in the body of Christ. When was the last time you opened your bible and studied God’s Word with your daughter?

Well, this is your chance now. We can’t rely on our churches to plan every event and predict our needs. We are all called to minister to each other’s needs. Your church would probably be thrilled and supportive to your wanting to reach out to Mom’s and Daughters who attend there and beyond!!!

I would love to help you plan your conference and strengthen mother/daughter relationships.

Our key verse for GEM’s is Hebrews 13:1, Let Sisterly Love Continue. Let’s embrace that and share God’s love within the walls of our own family and together as the Body of Christ. I look forward to hearing from you!!!