Happy Easter

You may all be hopping (excuse the pun!) around like crazy to get oot (out of town) for Spring Break or for the Easter holiday so I”ll keep this one short. On my way home from carpool this AM I was listening to my Passion CD and Chris Tomlin was singing “The Saving One.” In my younger years, I was perplexed about this “saving” and the “tomb” and the resurrection. What did all this mean? Like any other “know it all” person, I never asked anyone about it. When it all was slowly and divinely revealed to me, all I could do was believe in the awe and majesty of it. If Jesus Christ can raise himself from the dead, what does it mean for us?

His resurrection means that He has the capability of conquering death and all that means. What does that mean? That means this, whatever you are facing is not too big for God. His power is SUPER-natural. Too often, we here on earth, only pull from the natural. We are not even exercising to the “nth” the super-natural power of God which He offers us. It is free for the taking. Who doesn’t want something free?? Isn’t it great when you receive a free gift at the makeup counter or an unexpected % off at the check-out counter? Well, stop clipping coupons and waiting for specials because this one is available at ANY TIME. It does not have an expiration date either.

You are facing many challenges today. Heartbreak, wayward children, learning issues, financial hardship, deals gone bad, alcohol, extra-marital affairs, loneliness, depression–there are just too many to name. Here’s your good news, JESUS SAVES! We too, can resurrect ourselves from the death that the enemy has waiting for us at every turn. Ask God to pull you out of any despair you are facing. He will.

One more thing, one of my favorite all-time pastors is the Rev. Tim Smith. When I was a baby-believer I remember any given Sunday his voice would boom from the pulpit, “Alleluia, Christ is Risen. Christ is Risen INDEED.” Those words shook me to the core every time I heard him say them. Jesus is alive, He’s not dead. Have faith and believe in the Living Son of God!

Happy Easter!!

Click on the link below for “The Saving One” by Chris Tomlin