Need a Re-Do?

Last week I had the opportunity to speak to a lovely group of women in Houston. One of the things I talked about was a Re-Do, a Refresh. I wouldn’t consider myself completely technology challenged, but after 1998 so many things changed with computers and cellular telephones that if you or your husband weren’t a member of the Geek Squad then good luck to you. What happened to the CPU, the keystroke commands, etc.? I grasped the mouse concept fairly quickly, I mean who can’t point and click? Too much pointing and clicking can quickly turn into The House of Mirrors with No Way Out. Call a young person if that’s you. They were born into this Technology Age plus they have the added bonus of classroom instruction starting in K4.

I can move my way around the MAC now fairly easily. Tabs can be an issue, but who can’t fix that with the space bar? Aggravating, yes, but solvable.

When I was working on my ministry website,, my web designer, who could move easily from Geek Squad language to English, would ask me to do things like copy and paste in the browser—oh no, what’s the browser?—MiMi would mess up and then he would tell me to press the Refresh button. Oh no, what’s the Refresh button? I was familiar with the terms, not always sure what they would do nor did I know the proper name for them. I need a class, I know what you are thinking.

When you press the Refresh button it takes you back. It takes you back to your original search. Maybe you didn’t like where you ended up so you press the Refresh button for a fresh start.

And so is Life. Sometimes we need a Refresh, a Re-do. Press that button now. Forget about what is behind, your past failures, maybe where someone failed you, maybe your child failed, someone you love failed, disappointments, maybe something didn’t work out the way you were hoping it would. Close that open page and don’t view it or search it again. Clear the history. Don’t play that PowerPoint in your head again. REDO—let that be the slide in your head, REFRESH, REDO, REFRESH, REDO.

Jesus came so that we may have life and abundance to the full. John 10:10. Why are you settling for less than abundant? Don’t settle for mediocre or less than<. I want Greater Than>!! I want the abundance of the good life. Are you not living happily ever after? Tap into what Jesus has to offer. He longs to give you the abundant life.

If you would let Him. If you would let Him. If you would let Him. If you would let Him. If you would let Him.

If you would let Him. If you would let Him. If you would let Him. If you would let Him.

What’s the best thing that could happen if you would let Him? What is about to burst out of your heart? What do you want to let Him do but you are afraid to release it to Him? Maybe you are thinking that it’s not going to happen, that He’s not going to change it, that it is just impossible and you need to just deal with it. No, I say, release it and let Him. Let Him do the supernatural thing that only He can do. Pretend it is a rock and you have a sling shot in your right hand. Now catapult that thing to Him. He will catch it easily. He can smush it between His thumb and forefinger into fine grains of sand. Smooth and soft. Let Him.

There may be a person in your life who you need to grant a Re-do to. Confess that sin of unforgiveness and give them a chance. The Holy Bible tells but one story, God’s redeeming love for His people. He will redeem the time you may have lost and restore it with His goodness. That is something only He can provide.

Some of you are just so hardheaded that this process is like using an ice pick on a glacier. If that is you, LAUGH NOW. Yes, I am speaking to you. I am just chip, chip, chipping away at the hardness of unbelief. But I AM a believer, you say. I understand, I know it’s hard to even grasp the idea, the thought that Jesus can be the problem solver, the Healer. But He is, He is the great I AM. If you would just let Him. He can soften any heart, yours too. He can give you understanding, insight into the situation/issue/problem.

Maybe you feel like He has failed you in the past. Give Him a Re-Do. He would jump at the chance.