Operating Equipment Efficiently

Yesterday I was entering a large, high school parking lot to park and watch one of my teens play Varsity Tennis. As I waited for a student to get into her super-sized Jeep Wrangler, I couldn’t help but wonder, “What were her parents thinking when they awarded her with the giganti-saurus car?!!” Yes, that’s a word I just made up, but you know what I mean. After she pulled out, it took her several attempts to move the car in the forward position. Surely, the Jeep was a “stick-shift” and she was still in training for driving this vehicle made for a giant. My father made sure we knew how to drive using a stickshift before the automatic engine. I waited patiently, but was ready to jump out and move the car for her and give her some pointers if need be.

This made me wonder, how many times do parents give children things which they are not yet equipped for? Our children demand the moon and the stars and if we offer it to them, yes, they will take them. This student had no business being on the road in that vehicle. The tires were so large that it made the vehicle as tall as a school bus! Wouldn’t responsible, loving parents ensure proper training in driving the super-sized Jeep? I am just glad that I wasn’t too close to her because she could have rolled over the top of my car like Evel Kneival on a motorcycle.

It is our job as parents to equip and train those who belong to us. Some of us are called to train many more in addition to those in the home. What areas in your life are you ignoring? Being ignorant and turning your head doesn’t please God. I know that on a daily basis, I run out of time and energy to do all the things He asks of me. The Lord disciplines and corrects those He loves. We can save our children from some (only some) of the consequences if we train and equip them. I daily bring life’s challenges back to Jesus. I know my children get tired of it, but I know that I am serving them TRUTH which is the only thing that has eternal value. Free will is a great gift, but it has a great responsibility. Choose LIFE.

We are all guilty of being ignorant of our own behavior and that of our children. “Oh, that TV show only has a few bad parts, a few curse words. The rated R movie only has a little sex.” All the “few and little” normalize those behaviors making them acceptable to our young people. Today’s culture feeds them SEX in unbiblical methods. And it’s not just sex, it’s behavior. When we allow the culture to seep in, we have to continuously “un-do” the damage. It’s exhausting. Would you give your precious baby dirty food to eat or dirty water to drink? Ofcourse not. When we knowingly let them participate in “wordly” media, we are saying it’s OK.

It’s much easier to say “yes” than “no.” Sorry kids, but sometimes “No” is the best answer. I love you too much to be ignorant of what God’s Word says. Let me take back what you cannot handle nor were ever meant to handle. I’ll pass it on to Jesus.

You shall not eat it, that it may go well with you and your children after you, when you do what is right in the sight of the Lord. Deuteronomy 12:25

Whatever I command you, be careful to observe it; you shall not add to it nor take away from it. Deuteronomy 12:32

These scriptures from the Book of Deuteronomy are God’s words to the children of Israel before they enter the Promised Land. Every word in the Bible is relevant for today. I do consider watching and listening to fowl things the same as eating them. You digest them. Garbage in, garbage out. Don’t add to or take away from God’s Word. We are called to be obedient to it as it is for He is the Great I AM.

Today someone is looking to you for encouragement. Be of good courage for we know He has overcome the world! The fight has been fought, victory is ours! Equip them and follow Him. Alleluia!