Singing for Jesus

Today I’m singing of all that Jesus has done for me. Sing out (say) what Jesus has done for you. How can the spoken Word not sound like a beautiful song? He transforms our words of glory for Him into a song for another person who needs to hear it. Your “song” will lift up others when they desperately need it. The spoken Word will not return void. (Isaiah 55:11) Sometimes I need to take the focus off myself so I can see what He is doing for me today. I want to take the scales from my eyes so I can see His glory, His “Shekinah” (the glory of God where He dwells) glory and dwell in it also. When I’m not in the Word, (reading Scripture) not listening to praise & worship music, my persona can easily jump back into the material world especially now that I’m back on the 2-school carpool circuit and in a RUSH, rush, rush. I need to be praising Him in my rush because it allows me to be the person he wants me to be, the mom he wants me to be, the wife, the friend—AND ACTUALLY ENJOY BEING IT! Do you see it as an honor to be all the things He has called you to be? If not, ask Him to change your heart and thank Him for all the people you parent, mentor and tend to. I can’t be it if I don’t have Jesus. Jesus isn’t a one-day deal or just a snack on Sunday’s. He’s not the “cram one week into a day” Bible study (guilty as charged.) Drink from His over-flowing well of Living Water.

What has He done for you? We are called to share it, not to keep it private, it’s an act of fellowship when we share our good and our bad with other Christians. When I am teaching, I love to talk about fellowship. It has the best definition. Fellowship is that heavenly love that fills or should fill the hearts of believers one for another and for God. This fellowship is deeper and more satisfying than any mere human love. (Definition from Zondervan’s New International Bible Dictionary)

True fellowship offers this, isn’t that good news? Do you feel like you’re missing something with your friends? It could be the love void that only He can fill for you and when you share it with your sisters and brothers in Christ there is nothing else like it. Do you see those girls in this picture on the >Ministries website?

I would lay down my life for any one of them or their family in a heartbeat. We share a fellowship in Jesus Christ and a heavenly love for each other. That has eternal value. Those relationships are eternal. Our friendship is actually going somewhere. I will be with them in heaven one day. Isn’t that good news?

Back to the singing—One of my little people was struggling last night with an issue, she was carrying a burden she wasn’t meant to carry, but the sweetness of her spirit and the compassion she has for others filled me with gratitude for Christ living within her at such a young age. She desires fellowship with her friends. I can sing of that and give God glory for what He’s doing in her, that she has eyes to see and a heart to care for her peers.

What do you see in your loved ones and yourself that gives you the desire to thank the Lord? Take a moment and imagine their faces in your mind and give God thanks.

Having momentary brain delay with a praise-worthy scene from your life? God is > that.

Here’s a song that will inspire you to sing:)

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Phil Wickham—This is Amazing Grace