There She Goes…

There She Goes…

The day has come and gone. The feelings have not. It’s the day I have been dreading. Like giant waves then small ones, each feels like a personal tidal wave. I don’t have a favorite child, but there are favorite things about each one of them that sets them apart. Shelley is my companion, always has been, she will ride to Walgreens or anywhere I am going. She is most always pleasant and good company. I love her to pieces.xoxoxoxoxoxo

I have been preparing for this time for a thousand years it seems. I began to write about it 1,000 days ago. I would love a few more days with her, but the inevitable is just that…….inevitable. When it’s time, it’s time. She knows it and I know it. Friday, as we drove closer and closer to Lexington, Virginia she became a little nervous. As I drove away from Lexington yesterday, I wanted to stop. Couldn’t I just stay at my hotel a little longer and just know that she was only 3 blocks away? As the state of Virginia and the “VA” in red began to disappear out of my site on the GPS screen, reality began to set in. It’s time to trust God and let go. I’ve held her close for a long time. I am so thankful for each and every second of it. It’s a good reality though. She is starting a completely new chapter in her life. She has worked so hard to get where she is, being kept by God the whole way. If He can just hold my heart now. My sad, but happy heart. Yesterday, I felt like my whole body had a frownie face. :(((((((

Without faith, we can’t see God. I have had faith, especially this past year, that He would prove Himself to her. As she has proved faithful to Him, so has He to her. God loves His children and He desires good things for them. He desires for them to make good choices. What a loving and faithful God we serve.

I don’t ask Him very often to “show Himself quickly,” but yesterday I did. As I drove over the top of the next mountain, there was an extremely large white cross jutting into the sky. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful drive, full of gorgeous scenery and blue skies, bright sun. Within a few moments, my phone began to ding many times with texts. I pulled into the next Rest Area and saw that I had “accidentally” been included in a text from precious Prayer Warriors in Mobile, Alabama coordinating their next prayer time. I texted my thankfulness for God’s accident and asked for prayer for Shelley and her roommate, Evy. God sees and hears EVERYTHING and wants to bear the load for our hearts.

Many of you have already taken children to college and many have it to come. The days are long but the years pass by so fast. Pour into your child’s life over and over even when they are teenagers. I have asked Shelley many times this summer, “Have we talked about everything and everything else we need to talk about?!!!!!” I want her to hear my voice, but to hear the voice of God louder. Knowing His ways and to walk in them.

Even as I write this, my precious friend and mentor, Betty Jo, sent me this song. God is everywhere!

Shelley, this one is for you.